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Our Speakers

Our community comes together at RIW events to share and inspire their peers to rethink the store, brand and customer experience.

Our Speakers
  • Michael Robinson
    Michael Robinson was appointed Director in November 2019 and joined Ynvisible’s executive team in September 2020. Previously he was Director of Open Innovation & Business Development for Packaging Innovation at...
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  • Mike McCarron
    Mike McCarron is Vice President of Customers at Gladly.  Before joining Gladly, Mike was an early member of the executive team at MobileIron, a pioneer in the enterprise mobility market, where he grew the...
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  • Natasha Franck
    Natasha Franck is Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Eon. Eon powers Connected Products and Circular Commerce. The leading Internet of Things platform in fashion retail, Eon is bringing billions of products online to connect...
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  • Neha Singh
    Neha Singh is the Founder & CEO of Obsess, an experiential e-commerce platform enabling brands to create visual, immersive, branded online virtual stores. She was previously the Head of Product at...
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  • Neil Redding
    Neil Redding is Founder and CEO of Redding Futures—a boutique consultancy that enables brands and businesses to engage powerfully with the Near Future. His rare multidisciplinary perspective draws on the craft...
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  • Patrick Brady
    Patrick Brady is VP, eCommerce Consulting at Night Market (a Horizon Media company)  where he leads engagements to define and implement OmniCommerce strategies for clients. With over 20 years of experience, he has...
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  • Peter Cloutier
    As Growth & Commercial Strategy Lead at ChaseDesign, Peter helps clients translate how and why people buy into more profitable retail experiences.  Peter brings decades of experience leading retail experience...
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  • Peter Dering
    In 2010, a fresh-faced, Minnesota-born, good-to-know-ya fella named Peter Dering went on a 4-month trip around the world. During this trip he learned that carrying a DSLR camera is a...
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  • Phillip Raub
    After leading at the likes of Nest, Nintendo and Gap, Phillip Raub co-founded b8ta, the software-powered retailer and Saas maker that helps bring brands to life IRL in engaging, discovery-oriented ways. After...
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