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Our Speakers

Our community comes together at RIW events to share and inspire their peers to rethink the store, brand and customer experience.

Our Speakers
  • Jason Scoggins
    An industry leader with more than 20 years marketing and management experience, Jason is passionate about connecting consumers and brands through engaging content and programs. In his current role at...
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  • Jason Williams
    Since 2018, Jason has served as the VP of Athlete Technology at DICK’S Sporting Goods. In this role, he is responsible for the company’s software application design and development. Jason joined DICK’S Sporting...
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  • Jeannie Weaver
    Creatively leveraging passion points for consumers, applying science and data to AT&T’s strategic market position, developing authentic campaigns that resonate with consumers while delivering positive ROI and sales results for...
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  • Jill McIntosh
    Jill brings retail-specific executive thought leadership surrounding merchandising, eCommerce, and organizational development.  As a former Kroger executive, Jill held diverse leadership positions for the company from digital launches internationally, natural foods merchandising,...
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  • Joe Lampertius
    As President of ChaseDesign, a leading retail design consultancy, Joe leads the shopper-based design practice with brand marketers that include P&G, Coca-Cola, J&J, iRobot, 3M and others.   He has...
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  • Joe Scartz
    Joe, an accomplished marketing executive, as VCG’s fearless Chief Digital Commerce Officer, oversees all digital commerce strategy and execution. Joe has contributed to more than 20 years of success for...
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  • Jorg Snoeck
    Captain of Retail, Jorg Snoeck, is an international speaker, founder of RetailDetail, and award-winning author of the book ‘The Future of Shopping’. With the latest news, trends and expertise in...
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  • Julie Bornstein
    Julie Bornstein is Founder and CEO of THE YES. She has spent her career at the intersection of fashion and technology, which is where THE YES is poised to change...
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  • Karla Gallardo
    Karla started Cuyana alongside co-founder Shilpa Shah with the vision of creating a global design house that inspires intentional buying through pieces that are crafted with integrity. Founded on the philosophy...
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