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Shian-Li Tsang

With 15+ years experience directing marketing efforts on both the agency and corporate side, Shian-Li thrives at the intersection of art serving commerce, orchestrating creative solutions to business challenges. She is obsessed with the ever-changing retail environment and is passionate about working with powerful brands that positively impact society.

Shian-Li joined The LEGO Group (TLG) in 2020 as Head of Retail Marketing-Americas, with a guiding principle that TLG’s omnichannel retail footprint serves a unique dual role as brand builder and commercial driver. Shian-Li previously served as Senior Director, Managing Editor of U.S. Newsrooms at adidas, following a decade with Dick’s Sporting Goods where she held marketing roles throughout the organization.

A rabid fan of Marshall McLuhan, Shian-Li believes the medium is the message now more than ever, exploring this idea through her doctoral studies at the Indiana University of Pennsylvania. Shian-Li holds an MBA and an MA in Journalism & Mass Communication from Point Park University and earned her BS in Advertising & Marketing Communications from the Fashion Institute of Technology, SUNY.

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