Scott Roslyn

Scott is the Co-Founder & CEO of We Are Bill, a strategy & design firm based in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. They create new brands and reinvent and reposition existing ones. Prior to founding We Are Bill, Scott worked for award-winning global innovation firm Redscout; as VP of brand, retail, and eCommerce for sustainable apparel company Alternative Apparel; and as Head of Brand Experience & Retail for Internet of Things (IoT) company littleBits Electronics. Over the years, Scott has worked with clients AB InBev, Panasonic, American Express, Asics, Pepsi, Gatorade, Quiksilver, Dick’s Sporting Goods, New Era, Polaris, Premier Lacrosse League, Husqvarna, OWYN, Rhone, Vault Health, Hella Cocktail Co and more.