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Roben Allong

Focused on what’s next in the local and global cultural zeitgeist, Roben Allong is founder and CEO of Lightbeam Communications, a boutique research and brand strategy firm based in New York City. She is an innovative researcher, industry thought leader and has been hailed by colleagues and clients alike as the “Oprah” of the focus room. With over a decade of expertise and in-depth knowledge of consumer attitudes and trends across a broad spectrum of brands and categories, Roben is known for her empathetic curiosity that makes for sensitive, yet energetic in-depth interviews and insightful analysis. She helps clients decipher micro-cultural and contextual intelligence to sharpen innovation and competitive edge, as consumer fragmentation becomes more pronounced. Roben’s recent articles point to the growing need for marketers and researchers to pay closer attention to micro-culturalism—the newest approach to consumer deep dives.

She is currently Vice President of the QRCA Board (Qualitative Research Consultants Association), Business Features Editor of Views Magazine and a 2020 MRX Diversity Champion Award Nominee. Roben has also presented on cultural insights and micro-culturalism at various research conferences and webinars both domestically and internationally, as well as, at academic institutions such as New York University and Webster University.