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Katy Rowley

Katy Rowley wanted to create a place to make shopping mindfully easy and simple; to develop a space where a sustainable consumer, or accidental one, could buy pieces that help create change, while still living beautifully. A London native, Rowley worked as a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) executive, before landing her dream job at Matchesfashion.com, where she was the Head of CRM. This is where she honed her love of fashion, e-commerce, and developed an in-depth understanding of the luxury customer experience. Like Volpe, a move and motherhood brought her to being more thoughtful about the brands she supported. The fashion and lifestyle professionals responded to the demand for well-crafted, luxurious products, made ethically and sustainably, and launched a successful marketplace to house different designers, specialists and artists, who adhere to their principles. Mothers first, she and Volpe wanted to help educate about the benefits of sustainable fashion, to inspire ethical purchasing and leave a better world for their children. The fashion industry mavens share a deeply-rooted belief that purchases directly impact the future, the future of their loved ones, and beyond. FOX HOLT supports the people who are creating with the future in mind.