Helena Mueller is Co-Founder and Chief Commercial Officer of the Swedish impact tech start-up Doconomy.

She has over 20 years of experience from retail, sustainable finance and investments, sustainable innovation, tech development and digital transformation. Her team support global and local merchants, energy- and telecom companies as well as financial institutions with engaging consumers in everyday climate action. The goal is to reach 1 billion people by 2025, to reduce CO2 emissions with 1 billion tonne and to drive capital to solutions needed the most.

Helena has been part of driving the international and Nordic sustainability agenda for the past two decades and supported 100+ large, listed multinationals, SME’s and governments in their transition into a low-carbon economy. She held various leading positions at the Nordic bank SEB, at Swedish retailer ICA and at KPMG. Mrs Mueller was part of developing the leading global carbon calculations index, called Åland Index in 2015 and is today responsible for the global roll-out of Doconomy’s digital impact measurement and engagement tools.

Helena is a Climate Reality Leader by Al Gore and sits on the board of the Swedish energy company Telge Energi.