Emily Schildt

Emily Schildt is a trusted brand builder in the CPG space. In 2019, she founded Pop Up Grocer, the world’s first pop-up grocery store. Pop Up Grocer delivers a highly-curated, food-focused, limited-run retail experience that gives consumers the dedicated, well-designed space in which to discover and engage with emerging, innovative brands and products. Schildt’s years of work with makers through her brand marketing consultancy, Sourdough, led to a clear vision that food-brand discovery deserves and requires the same kind of anticipation, reveal, story telling, and one-of-a-kind experience that is oft reserved for categories such as fashion and tech. Schildt’s career took off after she was hired as one of the early employees at Chobani and quickly rose in the ranks, ultimately serving as a key player in the company’s growth into one of the most disruptive food brands in recent history. Her work has been featured in Fast Company, Bon Appetit, Time, Forbes, Entrepreneur, and Refinery29.