The Automated Store Debrief
  • February 9, 2022
  • Start: 12:30 pm ET | End: 1:30 pm ET
  • Livestreamed (Times are Eastern USA)

Experts discuss the latest developments when it comes to retail automation

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The Automated Store Debrief


In this special online session, PSFK iQ researchers and industry experts discuss the latest developments when it comes to retail automation – whether through the use of vending, robotic systems or pick-and-go technologies.

Topics for discussion include:

Retail Anywhere 

How vending and remote self-serve points of sale have evolved to be an experiential tool that can connect with customers often better than a store does, plus they drive incremental sales.

Intuitive Displays

Automated technology is leveraging machine learning to create engagements that drive revenues – either through retail sales or advertising targeting.

Scan & Personalize

Vending machines and automated point of sale services are using computer vision technology to understand their shoppers better and respond with a personalized service. 

Self Sampling

Digitally-enabled kiosks and vending machines that allow potential customers to register intent through a touchscreen or mobile device to instantly receive a free trial.

Accessible Self-Serve

Driven by contactless culture and accessibility laws, retailers are developing innovative ways to help all shoppers interact safely and intuitively with automated retail system technology.

Robo Servers

Advances in technology and financing programs have led to a growth of the use of mechanical servers – on the shop floor, in pick-up zones and for menial tasks that help staff take on more customer engagements.

Kitchen In A Box

Food service is looking beyond the vending of pre-prepared meals and beverages – and is developing robotic systems that prepare and even cook food for the customer.

Fulfillment As Retail Footprint

How retail experiences are being centered around a self-serve fulfillment offering – with pick-up lockers and serviced dressing rooms.


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  • This free-to-attend session will include:

    • Presentation of key insights from a new PSFK Research Paper
    • Expert discussion and Audience Q&A

Latest Speaker Lineup

  • Scott Finlow
    Scott Finlow
    Global Chief Marketing Officer at PepsiCo Foodservice
    • LinkedIn

    As Global Chief Marketing Officer of PepsiCo Foodservice, Scott Finlow leads brand development, product and equipment innovation, consumer and industry insights, and customer marketing efforts for the company’s multi-billion foodservice division. Scott’s team is responsible for developing a portfolio of transformative products, equipment and experiences to meet the emerging needs of consumers and foodservice operators. He has been with PepsiCo for 22 years in a variety of Marketing and Insights roles in the US and Asia. Among his favorite PepsiCo experiences were launching a Salty Snacks business in Vietnam and launching Gatorade in Japan and Korea. Scott is a graduate of Tufts University and lives in New York City with his wife Pam, son Tai and daughter Rei.

  • Edith Väli
    Edith Väli
    Chief Sales and Marketing Officer at Cleveron

    Edith Väli is the Chief Sales and Marketing Officer at Cleveron, an Estonian tech company that is paving the way for an omnichannel future by creating in- and out-of-store parcel pickup solutions and automated self-service kiosks used by retailers all over the world. Their innovative solutions are maximizing efficiency and convenience for brands and customers alike, and are capable of turning a couple square meters into valuable product fulfillment zones. At Cleveron, Edith oversees global and SME sales, partnership relations, project management and marketing teams.

  • Piers Fawkes
    Piers Fawkes
    Founder and President at PSFK
    • LinkedIn


    Piers Fawkes is the founder of retail think tank PSFK. PSFK provides advisory services and syndicated research to the world’s most progressive companies and helps them identify future opportunity when it comes to retail and the customer experience journey.

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