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June 30th, 2020
3:00 pm - 3:45 pm EDT

Why The Next Iteration of Stores Can Be Better—For All



In this panel discussion, hosted by Wongdoody’s Executive Director of Commerce, Steve White, speakers will explore human-centric tech approaches and solutions to making the next generation of store experiences better for all. 

Customer adoption of new services (BOPIS, Curbside, ecommerce) is off the charts. However, those services aren’t profitable for retailers, as seen by Target’s Q1 results. Ultimately, for any retailer to survive, they will need to bring shoppers back to the store—and to make that a reality, retailers are going to have to re-think the role of the store and re-configure it in new ways.

During this dramatic transition, how can they also become more accessible, equitable—and human?

Retail Realities:
In a recent study, Kantar talked about places where people of color were worried about discrimination, and retail topped the list. In addition, people of color as both consumers and owners are not represented when it comes to technology. Shopping mostly happens via iOS, but people of color predominately access via android, while many apps require shoppers to use data that isn’t unlimited for everyone. Additionally, many retail owners have limited (un-equal) access to a suite of useful digital tools, resulting in a lower share of overall revenues.

How we are approaching this problem:
We believe that solutions to retail’s problems have to go beyond the functional necessities created by consumers’ rapid adoption. This is an inflection point that demands more than an accelerated approach to a pre-COVID strategy. Our approach is human-centric and keys on innovations that can help retailers and shoppers of any size, shape and color.

•PWA Pilot – Increased accessibility for shoppers and shop-owners (big and small) to dynamic shopper applications – all data free!
•Data Tracking – Creating new approaches to data gathering and analysis to localize services and expand accessibility
•Human vs. Machine – We can utilize machines to remove human-bias (unconscious or not) and re-focus spaces and the retail workforce into new roles within the store


The Speakers

Drew Jasperse

(An)drew Jasperse is a Senior Designer at WONGDOODY. He has spent the last decade working on brand design and retail experiences for AT&T, Deloitte, Dockers, Umpqua Bank and The Catholic Church. Most recently, Drew worked on developing the next generation of stores for the Nike fleet, including the first two House of Innovation stores in New York and Shanghai, and the newly remodeled Harajuku Flagship store.

Steve White

Former engineer and coder turned digital strategist + advertising executive, I continue to pursue my passion for digital innovation and integration daily. One word to describe my value is simplification – bringing simple, effective solutions for brands in the digital ecosystem.

Omnichannel expert, speaker, writer and thought leader in seamless commerce, shoppers and retail applications for clients.

G. Kofi Annan

G. Kofi Annan is a strategist and technologist who uses insights and analytics to build authentic connections between people and brands. Kofi works with entrepreneurs, startups, and global brands like Pfizer, PUMA, and Mercedes-Benz, helping them create value at home and abroad. He has held senior roles at global communications agencies Saatchi & Saatchi and Ogilvy & Mather and has presented to audiences at the United Nations, Harvard University, and the SXSW Interactive Festival. Kofi’s work has been featured in Entrepreneur Magazine, The Wall Street Journal, and in the book “Secrets of Social Media Marketing”.

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