RIW21 Break Out: Finding & Monetizing Next-Gen Sales Channels
  • January 11, 2021
  • Start: 1:00 pm ET | End: 2:00 pm ET

Join experts at leading solution providers and agencies to learn how to take advantage of the new channels powering ecommerce.

RIW21 Break Out: Finding & Monetizing Next-Gen Sales Channels


Finding and Monetizing Next-Gen Sales Channels
Join experts at leading solution providers and agencies to learn how to take advantage of the new platforms powering a new era of eCommerce

About the Breakout Format:
-There will be multiple concurrent sessions hosted via Zoom over the course of one hour.
-You will have the ability to choose which session you would like to attend during the hour in real time and you can also navigate between multiple sessions.
-We will be recording sessions and posting after the event if there are multiple sessions you want to check out.

Breakout Room Sessions

Topic: 4 Steps to Creating an Online Experience that Rivals In-Store
Host: Andy Knosp, Head of Solutions Consulting at Gladly
With stores closing, the fear of shopping in crowds increasing, and consumers choosing to shop online, our retail experiences are bound to change. Providing your customers with an easy, effortless experience can feel like a challenge even in the best of times, not all is lost! If you’re prepared and informed, you can still create that excellent customer experience online. Join Andy Knosp for a conversation about 4 steps to create a memorable online experience for your customers.

Topic: Making the In-Store Experience Available Anywhere with AR/VR
Host: Neil Redding, Founder and CEO of Redding Futures with Neha Singh, Founder and CEO of Obsess and Cosmo Kramer Co-Founder and CEO of Bitreel
2020 saw accelerated adoption of AR/VR experiences within retail, as the need to deliver the rich sensory in-store experience anywhere came to a head. Learn from Neha Singh and Cosmo Kramer about how Obsess and Bitreel are powering virtual showroom experiences for Levi’s, Farfetch, Ulta Beauty, furniture retailers like BoConcept and Hellman Chang, and others. And, explore the broader realm of immersive commerce with Neil Redding.

Topic: Chipotle’s CRM: The Customer is the Only Channel That Matters
Host: Jason Scoggins, Director of Loyalty and CRM at, Chipotle and Jason McCann, Executive Creative Director at, Gale Partners
It’s true: you can teach an old channel new tricks. In this session, Chipotle Mexican Grill Director of Loyalty & CRM Jason Scoggins, and GALE Executive Creative Director Jason McCann, will highlight the elements of Chipotle’s CRM program that are central to building a brand, driving business and connecting with members in relevant ways, including the tactics that drove membership up by more than 2x in 2020. They’ll show how channels can work in parallel to keep members active and engaged, and ultimately, how making the customer known and valued is what still drives success, engagement and loyalty.

Topic: Combining Art, Culture and Emotion in the Augmented Fashion Store of the Future
Host: Antonio Squeo, CIO at Hevolus Innovation
Join Antonio for an exploration of the augmented store through the lens of art, culture and technology. Explore ways in which to weave historical, aesthetic and narrative experiences into your virtual brand experience.

Topic: Beyond recovery: The tech & trends driving the next retail experience
Host: Amit Sharma, Founder and CEO, Narvar and Tracey Stroeber, Global Director of Retail Solutions and
Customer Experiences at Urban Outfitters
If you are like most, you check the return policy before completing an eCommerce transaction. This is the final and most important step in the digital transaction process. Consumer confidence is key. Brands like Nike turn to Amit Sharma, and his team at Narvar to power their returns experience. Join Amit in conversation with Tracey Strober Global Director of Retail Solutions and Customer Experience, for an exploration of why consumer confidence is THE critical component of eCommerce and how Narvar turns returns into a seamless, confidence building experience.

Topic: How ‘Buy Now, Pay Later” is Forging the Future of Retail
Host: Brad Lindenberg, Co-Founder and Co-CEO, Quadpay
Brands are piling into buy now, pay later solutions driving triple digit revenue growth and enhancing loyalty all at once. Join Quadpay Co-Founder Brad Lindenberg for an insider POV on the payments revolution unfolding right before our eyes.

Topic: How brands like Prada, Balenciaga and Everlane are leveraging AI marketplaces to deliver customized and personalized eCommerce shopping experiences
Host: Lisa Green, Senior Vice President of Brand Partnerships and Operations at THE YES
Customization and personalization are words at the tip of the tongue for any brand or retail leader looking to innovate around eCommerce. Lisa Green is going to break down how The Yes, an AI-powered shopping platform leverages data and AI to deliver curated shopping experiences for luxury brands like Balenciaga and Prada and mass players like Levi’s, Zara and Everlane.

Topic: Influence at scale: How Adore Me has harnessed the power of micro-influencers to achieve business success
Host: Ranjan Roy, VP of Strategy at Adore Me
Working with popular influencers is no easy feat. Agencies, personalities, unprofessional negotiations… all tied to hard-to-measure ROI. Adore Me, a metrics-driven, DTC lingerie company with a large micro-influencer following decided to take matters into their own hands. They’ve built a self-serve platform where their influencer fans have a place to shine (and earn!). Ranjan Roy will be sharing lessons learned and tips for engaging your micro-influencer community.

Topic: How digital acceleration has transformed consumer engagement and expectations across the ecommerce landscape.
Host: Scott Lachut, Partner, President Research & Strategy & Lauren Lyons, Strategist, PSFK
As consumer expectations for ecommerce experiences continue to rise, retailers are increasingly required to deliver next-level service on each individual customer’s preferred channel and supply ‘tailored to me’ experience each time. The result is a new retail reality that is digital-first, fluid and agile. In this presentation, PSFK will discuss the exciting opportunities for businesses to not only connect directly with consumers on their own terms, but also to deliver and amplify the personalization, on-demand service, and media integration that consumers have come to expect.

Latest Speaker Lineup

  • Lisa Green
    Lisa Green

    Lisa Green is currently the Senior Vice President of Brand Partnerships and Operations at The Yes. She has spent her career at the intersection of fashion and technology, serving as Google’s head of fashion and luxury for 6+ years and overseeing the fashion category at Conde Nast.

    Prior to her role leading fashion and luxury at Google, Lisa held several senior executive roles in sales at Google.

    Lisa also sits on the board of the 5 Under 40 Foundation. Green received her B.A. from Middlebury College and resides in New York.

  • Antonio Squeo
    Antonio Squeo

    Antonio Squeo is Chief Innovation Officer of Hevolus srl.

    Deeply curious, passionate about his work and completely unconventional, throughout his work Antonio has had significant experiences on the application of emerging methodologies and theories in the field of corporate management, such as the Blue Ocean Strategy, Customer experience journey mapping, digital transformation, open innovation. He is now an expert inventor of unconventional, innovative business models, based on the use of disruptive digital technologies, including Mixed Reality, Azure Services, Artificial Intelligence, Microsoft Dynamics and cognitive services, for a phygital customer experience, keeping up with the trends of the moment.

    Today at Hevolus Innovation he leads the R&D core, made up of computer scientists and multimedia architects, responsible for the research and development of open innovation solutions for multinationals and major brands in the retail industry.


  • Ranjan Roy
    Ranjan Roy
    VP of Strategy at Adore Me
    • LinkedIn

    Ranjan Roy is the VP of Strategy at Adore Me, helping drive the DTC womenswear brand’s expansion into new categories, satellite brands, and sustainability initiatives. Before Adore Me, he spent time in a variety of media and technology roles, running a content personalization startup and working as a Director at the Financial Times. Ranjan earned his MBA at INSEAD, and is incredibly thankful to work at the intersection of retail + media + technology at a transformative time like this.

  • Amit Sharma
    Amit Sharma

    Amit Sharma is the founder and CEO of Narvar, an intelligent customer experience platform that helps commerce companies simplify the everyday lives of consumers. While shaping retail operations as an executive at Apple, Walmart, and Williams-Sonoma, Amit recognized an experience gap between when a customer clicks the “buy” button and when they receive their order. He created Narvar to help retailers elevate that New Moment of Truth, establishing the post-purchase category in the process.

    Narvar’s branded order tracking is now the industry standard, and the company has expanded to ensure every touchpoint along the consumer purchase journey engages consumers and enables emotional connections—from pre-purchase to returns to in-store experiences and beyond. Through 800+ brands globally including Sephora, Patagonia, Levi’s, Sonos, Home Depot, LVMH, and L’Oréal, Narvar has served over 125 million consumers worldwide.

    Amit has been published in Harvard Business Review, Entrepreneur, Fast Company, and Forbes, and has spoken at events including Web Summit and Shoptalk. Amit received his BS in electronics engineering and MBA from Duke University.

  • Lauren Lyons
    Lauren Lyons
    Senior Strategist at PSFK

    Lauren Lyons is a Strategist at PSFK, developing content around retail innovation to support and inspire client initiatives.

  • Scott Lachut
    Scott Lachut
    Partner, President Research & Strategy at PSFK


    Scott Lachut is Partner/President of Research and Strategy at PSFK. For 10+ years, Scott has delivered insights to world-class brands. He studies emerging cultural signals to create frameworks for understanding change and its impacts, allowing him to paint a picture of the future, identify new opportunities and develop strategies for how to leverage them.

  • Neil Redding
    Neil Redding

    Neil Redding is Founder and CEO of Redding Futures—a boutique consultancy that enables brands and businesses to engage powerfully with the Near Future. His rare multidisciplinary perspective draws on the craft of software engineering, the art of brand narrative and expression, and the practice of digital-physical experience strategy. Prior to founding Redding Futures, Neil held leadership roles at Mediacom, Proximity/BBDO, Gensler, ThoughtWorks and Lab49. Neil co-founded, curates and writes at Near Future of Retail, and advises multiple startups at the leading edge of the digital-physical convergence.

  • Neha Singh
    Neha Singh

    Neha Singh is the Founder & CEO of Obsess, an experiential e-commerce platform enabling brands to create visual, immersive, branded online virtual stores. She was previously the Head of Product at Vogue, where she was the first tech person to be hired by Vogue. Prior to that, Neha was VP of Product and Engineering at AHAlife, an e-commerce startup for luxury lifestyle products. Neha began her career at Google, where she was a Software Engineer and Tech Lead for 5 years and worked on Google AdWords and Google News. She holds an undergraduate Computer Science degree from The University of Texas at Austin and a graduate Computer Science degree from MIT.

  • Cosmo Kramer
    Cosmo Kramer

    Cosmo Kramer is the CEO and a co-founder @ Bitreel. His background is in strategy and mergers & acquisitions within the retail and hospitality industries. Prior to Bitreel, Cos was a Senior Manager in Corporate Development at Tripadvisor, where he was involved in Tripadvisor’s push into the retail segment. Prior to Tripadvisor, he worked in finance and strategy for Hilton. Cosmo received his undergraduate degree from Monash University in Australia and holds an MBA from Georgetown.

  • Brad Lindenberg
    Brad Lindenberg

    Brad Lindenberg is co-founder and co-chief executive officer of Quadpay, a global digital payments company that provides consumers a smarter alternative to credit cards and a better way to spend with interest-free installment payments, everywhere they shop.  Brad is the product visionary who in just two years built and scaled Quadpay to be the most innovative buy, now pay later company in the industry.

    Quadpay recently merged with Aussie payment technology pioneer Zip Co. (ASX: Z1P) to form a $2B global fintech alliance. Since launching in 2017, Quadpay has  become one of the fastest-growing point-of-sale installment payments providers in the U.S., with millions of customers and world-class retail partners.

    Prior to QuadPay, Brad founded successful companies in the ecommerce and marketing industries, including CalReply, which managed calendar marketing for many of the world’s biggest brands. The company became the world’s leading mobile calendar marketing platform with over 4 million users across the globe, and was acquired by ecommerce marketing tech firm Rokt in 2017. Prior to CalReply, he also developed an ecommerce brand called Lind Golf, which was acquired by Australia’s largest online retailer after three years. Brad holds a Business Information Technology degree from the University of Technology, Sydney.

  • Andy Knosp
    Andy Knosp

    Andy Knosp is Head of Solutions Consulting at Gladly and has worked with leading ecommerce, retail, travel, and hospitality brands to improve their customer service operations. Andy brings 20 years of experience leading customer-facing teams in high growth businesses, delivering successful customer outcomes, and scaling operations at companies including Gladly, Stripe, Gainsight, and VMware.

  • Jason Scoggins
    Jason Scoggins

    An industry leader with more than 20 years marketing and management experience, Jason is passionate about connecting consumers and brands through engaging content and programs. In his current role at Chipotle, Jason oversees CRM strategy and related customer engagement. Most recently, Jason launched Chipotle’s loyalty program, Chipotle Rewards, a key enabler of Chipotle’s digital ecosystem influencing customer behavior. Chipotle Rewards launched with an innovative marketing campaign, resulting in more than 1 million enrollments in its first week. Prior to Chipotle, Jason led loyalty and CRM programs for companies including, TGI Fridays, JCPenney, and Southwest Airline.

  • Jason McCann
    Jason McCann

    Jason McCann is an executive creative director at creative media consultancy GALE, where he oversees creative work across CRM, design, and digital. His teams tackle everything from transformative website and app projects to huge digital campaigns across every platform, for clients including Chipotle, Santander, Hard Rock, and more. Prior to GALE, Jason was ECD at AKQA and TAXI, with clients such as Nike, Mini, Google and Verizon. Jason’s work has earned recognition at Cannes Lions, The One Show, and D&AD. He paid his way through university as a professional juggler. (that’s real)

  • Tracey Strober
    Tracey Strober