RIW21 Break Out: Activating the Physical Store
  • January 12, 2021
  • Start: 1:00 pm ET | End: 2:00 pm ET

Learn how retailers across a range of verticals are evolving their physical spaces in order to elevate customer support, improve shopper confidence & encourage visits

RIW21 Break Out: Activating the Physical Store


Activating the Physical Store
Learn how retailers across a range of verticals are evolving their physical spaces in order to elevate customer support, improve shopper confidence & encourage visits
About the Breakout Format:

-There will be multiple concurrent sessions hosted via Zoom over the course of one hour.
-You will have the ability to choose which session you would like to attend during the hour in real time and you can also navigate between multiple sessions.
-We will be recording sessions and posting after the event if there are multiple sessions you want to check out.

Breakout Room Sessions

Topic: The Physical Store: New Realities, New Opportunities
Host: Peter Cloutier, Growth and Commercial Strategy at ChaseDesign, Jill McIntosh, Senior Consultant at Simpactful and Former VP of Merchandising at Kroger, Joe Lampertius, President of ChaseDesign and Jack Buller, Partner at Simpactful
The Challenge: Physical stores risk becoming mere points of fulfillment today, differentiated only by level of convenience. The Opportunity? Create an experience that delivers on the buying convenience shoppers need, while also delivering the inspiration, discovery, and delight that shoppers want. Retailers and their brand partners both have essential roles to play.

Topic: Gamifying our World – How gaming and play are reshaping connected experiences
Host: Val Vacante, Director of Strategy, LiveArea and Cathy Saidiner, Head of Global Channel Publishing at Riot Games
Join Val and Cathy for a discussion about how gaming and play are informing new business models and creating more meaningful, connected brand experiences. Learn about current trends that fuse gaming and shopping, disruptive business models, emerging technologies, and what the future holds for incorporating play and gaming across brands in physical and digital worlds.

Topic: Successfully tackling next-gen, in-store fulfillment
Host: Sarah Hill, Lead Program Manager, Target Accelerators, Spencer Hewett, Founder of Radar, Alex Schneider, Founder of Rapitag, and Kale Emgwerda, SVP of Sales and Partnerships, LISNR
Despite a pandemic-driven shift to digital orders, Target stores still fulfill ~75% of the retailer’s total sales. Join three innovative Target Tech Accelerator alumni to hear how they are tackling in-store fulfillment in a discussion about the in-store fulfillment process and the role of RFID, IoT and Ultrasonic Data in meeting changing consumer behaviors and expectations.

Topic: Re-imagining The Customer Experience: From In-store to In-home and back again
Host: Jeannie Weaver, Vice President of Retail Marketing and Special Experiences at AT&T, Prexa Graves, Senior Director of Marketing for Starbucks At-Home Coffee at Nestle Coffee Partners, Nestle USA, and Alissa Allen, Vice President of Insight & Strategy at The Integer Group
The relationship between brands and consumers is always evolving, but the pace of change over the past year has accelerated beyond the imagination of the most ardent futurist. In an always on world consumers are increasingly interacting with brands within their own homes. Today, we see a blurring of where commerce begins and several key shifts in the customer journey. It’s a powerful indicator of revolutionary change in when, where and how consumers choose to engage with brands – at home, online, or in a store.” This panel will explore how two of the world’s largest brands are reimagining the customer experience from in-store to in-home and back again. 

Topic: In-store engagement during times of disruption: How brands are using technology to influence shopper behavior at the shelf
Host: Trevor Sumner, CEO of Perch Interactive
Join Trevor to learn about the next frontier of content marketing, store as media. This deep-dive will explore ‘product engagement marketing’ — how you can message every product on the shelf and unite all the digital content with each physical product, its corresponding ratings and reviews, and brand videos.

Topic: Recalibrating your physical retail presence to be faster, smaller and nearer
Host: Howard Sullivan, Executive Creative Director, YourStudio
Join Howard to learn about the recalibration of your physical store footprint for this new era of retail. Explore how some of the world’s pioneering brands are pivoting, repackaging and shape-shifting to connect with consumers in dynamic, convenient and engaging ways.

Topic: Learn from resilient businesses to create seamless experience from back to front of house
Host: Rick Olson, ex-Director of Supply Chain and Automation at Target
If your inventory system says, ‘12 on hand’ and you are wondering ‘where the $%@#?!’ then this is the session for you. Rick Olson is going to share insights from his time working with Target and help you become operationally sound to address customer dissatisfaction, loss of sales, and merchant relations.

Topic: IoT, IRL: How Ynvisible’s Printed Electronic Displays Make Product Selection Easier and Bring Data To Life
Host: Michael Robinson, COO of Ynvisible
Ynvisible’s mission is to bring objects and surfaces to life, in an increasingly smart and connected world. As an alternative to power hungry and expensive displays in smart objects, we help brand owners in med-tech, cold chain, FMCG and retail develop and deploy IoT products that integrate our customizable, thin, flexible and ultra low-power printed electrochromic displays.

Topic: What’s New – What’s Next?! A chat with the Founder of STORY
Host: Rachel Shechtman, Founder of STORY
What’s hype vs what’s here to stay? Join Rachel Shechtman for a conversation for her take on the new business models we are going to see emerge in 2021. Also, here her riff on her favorite content-driven commerce experiences and her take on the re-imagination of in-store customer service.

Topic: Explore a retail co-creation lab for brands and retailers being built in Antwerp, Belgium
Host: Jorg Snoeck, Founder of Retail Detail
Where does a brand or retailer turn to rapidly test and learn and experiment with new retail formats? Enter, the Retail Hub, a future of shopping, co-creation lab being built in Antwerp Belgium by Jorg Snoeck and his team at Retail Detail. It has, amongst its arsenal of tools, a pick-up point of the future, DIY/home store of the future, several different food concepts, a robotic bar and a bottom-up fashion model.

Topic: PSFK explores how retailers are creating flexible spaces and experiential destinations designed to elevate customer support, foster convenience and drive engagement. 
Host: Scott Lachut, Partner, President Research & Strategy & Lauren Lyons, Strategist, PSFK
As digital-first behaviors define the way consumers approach shopping, the role of the store has evolved. It’s at once an environment defined by high-touch service and experiences and a place for on-the-go convenience, while simultaneously serving as a critical link in the ecommerce path to purchase by supporting multiple fulfillment and remote service offerings. Join PSFK as we discuss this hybrid approach to retail, and its impacts on operations, staffing, technology and design.

Latest Speaker Lineup

  • Trevor Sumner
    Trevor Sumner
    CEO at Perch
    • LinkedIn

    Trevor Sumner is the CEO of Perch, the leader in interactive product engagement marketing retail displays that can detect when a shopper touches or picks up a product and then respond with product-specific digital experiences that consistently drive 30-130% sales lift. Perch has won numerous Clio, Digi Edison and retail design awards and was named one of the 15 tech companies to watch in 2018 by Forbes.

    Trevor has been a founder, investor, advisor and operator for cutting-edge technology companies with multiple successful exits and is a regular contributor to business and technology publications such as Inc, Forbes, TechCrunch and Mashable. Trevor is a native New Yorker, an avid fisherman (he caught a 600 lb Black Marlin), an amateur chef and an adventure scuba diver who has dived on every continent including Antarctica.

  • Jorg Snoeck
    Jorg Snoeck

    Captain of Retail, Jorg Snoeck, is an international speaker, founder of RetailDetail, and award-winning author of the book ‘The Future of Shopping’. With the latest news, trends and expertise in retail at his fingertips, Jorg is an excellent, energetic speaker inspiring leaders and everyone interested in retail from Hong Kong, to Cape Town, to all over the world.

  • Howard Sullivan
    Howard Sullivan
    ‘Bring me convenience and bring me joy’ is Howard Sullivan’s mantra for retail 2021 and beyond. Renowned for their boundary-pushing retail strategy and design, YourStudio is an international retail design practice that Howard founded with Tom Philipson, his business partner. With one toe in the ‘what’s next’, their lifeblood is working with retail brands to help them build the architecture of connection, from the design of future flagships to test stores to digital brand ecosystems and storytelling.
    From a digital waterslide in Topshop to a giant multi-sensory beehive for Pandora, their expertise is bringing pulsating emotion to omni-channel retail, their golden thread, to inspire human connection. Their digital and immersive experiential retail work that has won awards worldwide.
    Howard is passionate about next gen design and has taught at London’s Royal College of Art and Parsons School of Design, New York.
    YourStudio’s website is here: https://weareyourstudio.com/
  • Michael Robinson
    Michael Robinson

    Michael Robinson was appointed Director in November 2019 and joined Ynvisible’s executive team in September 2020. Previously he was Director of Open Innovation & Business Development for Packaging Innovation at L’Oréal USA. His role at L’Oréal centered on technology scouting & strategy, business development, and integrating business and design best practices to accelerate and launch new packaging, products, and experiences. An Industrial Designer by training, Michael has previously held positions in Hasbro Toys, Bliss World LLC, and Colgate-Palmolive.

  • Rick Olson
    Rick Olson

    Rick Olson is a successful retail executive and consultant for Fortune 500 organizations. With over two decades in corporate and retail store management at Target Corporation, he brings substantial experience in merchandising, in-store operations, inventory management, crisis management and supply chain. Most significantly, Rick has over 15 years of experience in experiential retail marketing, managing all of the Merchandising and Operations for Target’s Design Partnership pop-up stores including those for Missoni, Lily Pulitzer and Target Wonderland. He also served as Director of Operations and Supply Chain for their Store of the Future project. Rick’s formal education is in business, and he holds a Master of Science degree in Internet Marketing and New Media. He is also a regular contributor to research in the fields of RFID and supply chain automation.

  • Scott Lachut
    Scott Lachut
    Partner, President Research & Strategy at PSFK


    Scott Lachut is Partner/President of Research and Strategy at PSFK. For 10+ years, Scott has delivered insights to world-class brands. He studies emerging cultural signals to create frameworks for understanding change and its impacts, allowing him to paint a picture of the future, identify new opportunities and develop strategies for how to leverage them.

  • Joe Lampertius
    Joe Lampertius

    As President of ChaseDesign, a leading retail design consultancy, Joe leads the shopper-based design practice with brand marketers that include P&G, Coca-Cola, J&J, iRobot, 3M and others.


    He has led development of many hundreds of successful growth and design initiatives, driving category and department growth at retailers that include Walmart, Target, Kroger, CVS, Walgreens, Dollar General, and more.


    Joe was previously Global CEO of GREYshopper — the Shopper Marketing division of GREY advertising. He began his career in traditional packaged goods, with brand management and new product development roles that took him across leading beer and apparel brands.

  • Peter Cloutier
    Peter Cloutier

    As Growth & Commercial Strategy Lead at ChaseDesign, Peter helps clients translate how and why people buy into more profitable retail experiences.  Peter brings decades of experience leading retail experience design initiatives for blue chip brands and leading retailers alike.

    Honored as a Distinguished Faculty Member of the Path to Purchase Institute, Peter’s been a featured speaker at Future Stores, PTPiQ Summit & Expos, NACS, CHPA, and ANA events.  Peter’s thought leadership has been published in Ad Age, The Drum, Path to Purchase IQ, Campaign, MediaPost, and The Huffington Post.

    Follow Peter’s latest insights and industry observations at https://www.linkedin.com/in/peterncloutier/


  • Jill McIntosh
    Jill McIntosh

    Jill brings retail-specific executive thought leadership surrounding merchandising, eCommerce, and organizational development.  As a former Kroger executive, Jill held diverse leadership positions for the company from digital launches internationally, natural foods merchandising, human resources and launching a financial services joint venture.  Jill was best known for her role as vice president of natural foods merchandising where she implemented strategic initiatives that established Kroger as a sales leader in the natural & organic food industry.

  • Jack Buller
    Jack Buller

    Jack has an exceptional record for helping CPG companies and retailers grow sales through superior retail execution.  He brings fresh approaches to developing retail strategies and innovative solutions to organizations in pursuit of winning in today’s challenging brick and mortar environment.  Much of his success is attributed to driving practical solutions through data, a “store-back” diagnostic approach to meeting shopper needs in store, and staying one step ahead of brick and mortar transformation, just as he did with Procter and Gamble.  Jack has worked with CPG and retailers in every U.S. channel.

  • Rachel Shechtman
    Rachel Shechtman

    Rachel Shechtman is a fourth-generation retail entrepreneur and founder of STORY, a concept store known for its editorial, ever-changing approach to retail. Prior to opening STORY, Rachel built a career in consulting, founding Cube Ventures in 2002 — an independent firm known for its skill of strategically combining business models.

    Rachel has been recognized as Fortune Magazine’s 40 Under 40, Fast Company’s 100 Most Creative People in Business, and Ad Age’s 50 Most Creative. The AAF inducted Rachel into its Advertising Hall of Achievement and in 2018, Shechtman was named a Henry Crown Fellow by the Aspen Institute.

    Rachel serves on the Board of Directors of the National Retail Federation (NRF) and CAMP, an experiential family retail concept and media company.

  • Jeannie Weaver
    Jeannie Weaver

    Creatively leveraging passion points for consumers, applying science and data to AT&T’s strategic market position, developing authentic campaigns that resonate with consumers while delivering positive ROI and sales results for AT&T.

  • Alissa Allen
    Alissa Allen
    Senior Vice President, Strategy & Innovation at The Integer Group
    • LinkedIn

    With experience in more than 40 countries, Alissa directs culturally relevant, data-driven, human-powered strategy for clients including AT&T, FedEx, Frito-Lay, Michelin, Nestlé, P&G, PepsiCo, Starbucks and more as a senior executive at Integer Group, the commerce arm of TBWA\Worldwide.

    An award-winning writer, editor, and public speaker, Alissa returns to Retail Innovation Week for the second year as a moderator.

  • Prexa Graves
    Prexa Graves

    Brand Marketing leader of the US Starbucks at-home packaged goods businesses. Prexa is a strategic marketing leader with proven experience in building and growing both new and established brands by creating compelling consumer marketing programs, successfully launching and sustaining product innovation, solving complex strategic business problems, and delivering exceptional consumer experiences across various brands and categories.

  • Sarah Hill
    Sarah Hill
    Lead Program Manager at Target Accelerator

    Sarah is Lead Accelerator Manager at Target. She managed the former Techstars partnership, as well as the joint Accelerator partnership between METRO AG and Target.  Prior to joining the Target New Ventures and Accelerators team, Sarah worked at Arizona State University where she co-founded the first university Accelerator program working with thousands of faculty, student and Alumni entrepreneurs. She earned her MBA from W. P. Carey School of Business.

  • Cathy Saidiner
    Cathy Saidiner