Decoding Gen-Z, The Future Mindset inspiring Next Generation Retail
  • January 19, 2022
  • Start: 9:00 am | End: 10:00 am
  • Virtual

Join us for an exclusive talk where Gen-Z specialists from Your Studio will discuss the future of retail and how to understand this generation. This event is exclusive to industry leaders, so register now!

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Decoding Gen-Z, The Future Mindset inspiring Next Generation Retail

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Gen-Z are the most talked about and important generation of ‘Now’. Hard to pin down and hard to understand; they are a multi-dimensional, values driven group who are socially conscious, environmentally minded and digital natives. As the next major spending power, brands must understand this cohort for future success. With the gaze from the retail world firmly on this mindset, in this talk, executives at leading design firm Your Studio explore beyond demographic labels and decode what the Gen-Z mindset really is, what they want and how brands must reshape their retail experiences to meet their needs of happiness, fulfillment, security and appreciation.

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Latest Speaker Lineup

  • Howard Sullivan
    Howard Sullivan
    ‘Bring me convenience and bring me joy’ is Howard Sullivan’s mantra for retail 2021 and beyond. Renowned for their boundary-pushing retail strategy and design, YourStudio is an international retail design practice that Howard founded with Tom Philipson, his business partner. With one toe in the ‘what’s next’, their lifeblood is working with retail brands to help them build the architecture of connection, from the design of future flagships to test stores to digital brand ecosystems and storytelling.
    From a digital waterslide in Topshop to a giant multi-sensory beehive for Pandora, their expertise is bringing pulsating emotion to omni-channel retail, their golden thread, to inspire human connection. Their digital and immersive experiential retail work that has won awards worldwide.
    Howard is passionate about next gen design and has taught at London’s Royal College of Art and Parsons School of Design, New York.
    YourStudio’s website is here:
  • Tom Philipson
    Tom Philipson

    Tom Philipson is Founder, CEO, Group Strategy Director at YourStudio. Co-founded by Tom Philipson and Howard Sullivan, YourStuido has evolved organically with studios now in London, Melbourne and Amsterdam, with each studio working collaboratively with some of the world’s most inspiring brands. With the expansion of YourStudio and with the creation of its sister company YS.Works, pioneering creative workspace, Tom’s role has evolved into focusing on the strategic direction of the YS brand and supporting the YS team and its clients globally.

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