Retail Innovation Week 2023
  • January 14, 2023
  • Start: January 14, 2023 12:00 pm ET | Start: January 14, 2023 12:00 pm ETEnd: January 17, 2023 5:30 pm ET
  • Across New York City

Run for the community by the community, RIW23 events will inspire anyone connected with creating the shopping experience.

Retail Innovation Week 2023


Retail Innovation Week is a festival of ideas that takes place in New York in January each year. Run for the community by the community, it inspires anyone connected with creating the shopping experience.

At its core, RIW23 is a calendar of mostly free talks, demonstrations, meetups and other immersive experiences that run across the city. Organized by our partners at leading innovation company PSFK. Retail Innovation Week is for residents, visitors and attendants to shows like the National Retail Federation’s Big Show.

We hope you can sign up to the events as they get listed.


  • Previous Retail Innovation Week Speakers
    • Adam Siegel
      Adam Siegel
    • Afdhel Aziz
      Afdhel Aziz
    • Albert Saniger
      Albert Saniger
      Founder and CEO at nate
      • LinkedIn
    • Albert Vita
      Albert Vita
      Founder at Homebirds
      • LinkedIn
    • Alex Gibbs
      Alex Gibbs
      VP of Data and Technology Partnerships at Night Market
    • Alissa Allen
      Alissa Allen
      Senior Vice President, Strategy & Innovation at The Integer Group
      • LinkedIn
    • Amanda Howe
      Amanda Howe
      Expert Associate Partner at Bain & Company
      • LinkedIn
    • Amir Konigsberg
      Amir Konigsberg
      Founding Director at Hour One
      • LinkedIn
    • Amit Sharma
      Amit Sharma
    • Anahita Mekanik
      Anahita Mekanik
      Co-Founder at ScenTronix™ Algorithmic Perfumery
      • LinkedIn
    • Andy Knosp
      Andy Knosp
    • Ankur Amin
      Ankur Amin
      co-founder at Extra Butter
      • LinkedIn
    • Antonio Camara
      Antonio Camara
      Co-Founder at Aromni
      • LinkedIn
    • Antonio Squeo
      Antonio Squeo
    • Ben Branson
      Ben Branson
    • Ben Kaufman
      Ben Kaufman
    • Ben Pruess
      Ben Pruess
      Mad at Marketing
    • Bill Hahn
      Bill Hahn
      VP Marketing at Hairclub
    • Bonin Bough
      Bonin Bough
      Founder at Bonin Ventures
      • LinkedIn
    • Brad Lindenberg
      Brad Lindenberg
    • Brian Dodge
      Brian Dodge
    • Catherine Pike
      Catherine Pike
    • Chris Anthony
      Chris Anthony
      Senior Vice President, Brand Partnerships at Group Nine Media
    • Christian Gheorghe
      Christian Gheorghe
      Co-Founder & CEO at Resonance
      • LinkedIn
    • Christina Ferzli
      Christina Ferzli
    • Chul-Joon Park
      Chul-Joon Park
      CEO, Publisher, Head of Retail at Kinfolk
      • LinkedIn
    • Cosmo Kramer
      Cosmo Kramer
    • Coulter Lewis
      Coulter Lewis
    • Dale Volpe
      Dale Volpe
    • Dan Burgar
      Dan Burgar
      • LinkedIn
    • Dan Morris
      Dan Morris
      Director of Developer Relations at Niantic
      • LinkedIn
    • Daniel Vosovic
      Daniel Vosovic
      Creative Director and Founder at THE KIT
      • LinkedIn
    • Dave Glaser
      Dave Glaser
    • David Morin
      David Morin
      Sr. Director of Retail & Client Strategy at Narvar
      • LinkedIn
    • Dennis Crowley
      Dennis Crowley
    • Diana Richter
      Diana Richter
      Head of Marketing & Brand at ConsenSys Mesh
      • LinkedIn
    • Duncan Bird
      Duncan Bird
      Vice President of Brand Marketing & Digital at Fiverr
      • LinkedIn
    • Dustyn Kim
      Dustyn Kim
      Chief Revenue Officer at Artsy
      • LinkedIn
    • Edith Väli
      Edith Väli
      Chief Sales and Marketing Officer at Cleveron
    • Elisabete Furtado MSc
      Elisabete Furtado MSc
    • Eric Mogil
      Eric Mogil
      Chief Growth Officer at Radar
      • LinkedIn
    • Eshita Kabra
      Eshita Kabra
    • Eva Goicochea
      Eva Goicochea
    • Felita Harris
      Felita Harris
      Chief Strategy & Revenue Officer at Harlem's Fashion Row
      • LinkedIn
    • Gabriela Baiter
      Gabriela Baiter
    • George Trantas
      George Trantas
    • Gerald Youngblood
      Gerald Youngblood
      CMO North America at Lenovo North America
      • LinkedIn
    • Helena Mueller
      Helena Mueller
    • Helena Price Hambrecht
      Helena Price Hambrecht
      Co-Founder and Co-CEO at Haus
      • LinkedIn
    • Hillary Littleton
      Hillary Littleton
      Senior Growth Marketer at FIT:MATCH
      • LinkedIn
    • Howard Sullivan
      Howard Sullivan
    • Imogen Wethered
      Imogen Wethered
      CEO and founder at Qudini
      • LinkedIn
    • Ivan Zorn
      Ivan Zorn
      Co-Founder, CMO at HeadOffice.Space
      • LinkedIn
    • Izadora Yamamoto
      Izadora Yamamoto
      Web3 Strategist & Meta Poet at
      • LinkedIn
    • Jack Buller
      Jack Buller
    • Jamin Warren
      Jamin Warren
      Founder at Twofivesix
      • LinkedIn
    • Jane Cannon
      Jane Cannon
      Chief Product Officer at NewStore
      • LinkedIn
    • Jane Mosbacher Morris
      Jane Mosbacher Morris
    • Jason McCann
      Jason McCann
    • Jason Murray
      Jason Murray
      CEO & Co-founder at Shipium
      • LinkedIn
    • Jason Scoggins
      Jason Scoggins
    • Jason Williams
      Jason Williams
    • Jeannie Weaver
      Jeannie Weaver
    • Jeff Staple
      Jeff Staple
      Founder at REED ART DEPARTMENT
      • LinkedIn
    • Jeff Weiner
      Jeff Weiner
      PSFK Partner / Head of Business Strategy at PSFK
      • LinkedIn
    • Jeffrey Costello
      Jeffrey Costello
      Creative Director at JCRT
      • LinkedIn
    • Jen Mullen
      Jen Mullen
      Vice President & Head of Stores at Banana Republic
      • LinkedIn
    • Jill McIntosh
      Jill McIntosh
    • Joe Lampertius
      Joe Lampertius
    • Joe Scartz
      Joe Scartz
      Chief Digital Commerce Officer at Velocity Commerce Group
    • John Frierson
      John Frierson
      President at Novogratz
      • LinkedIn
    • Jorg Snoeck
      Jorg Snoeck
    • Joshua Shabtai
      Joshua Shabtai
      Sr. Director, Ecosystem at Lowe’s Innovation Labs
      • LinkedIn
    • Julie Bornstein
      Julie Bornstein
      • LinkedIn
    • Justine Vilgrain
      Justine Vilgrain
      Co-founder at NFT Factory & Braw Haus
      • LinkedIn
    • Karinna Nobbs
      Karinna Nobbs
    • Karla Gallardo
      Karla Gallardo
    • Katy Rowley
      Katy Rowley
    • Kelly Cobb
      Kelly Cobb
    • Kim Gallagher
      Kim Gallagher
      Director of Marketing & Customer Success at Nuuly
      • LinkedIn
    • Kristina Kloberdanz
      Kristina Kloberdanz
    • Lauren Lyons
      Lauren Lyons
      Senior Strategist at PSFK
    • Lawrence Lenihan
      Lawrence Lenihan
      Chairman and Founder at Resonance Companies
      • LinkedIn
    • Lisa Green
      Lisa Green
    • Lisa Penelton
      Lisa Penelton
      EVP of Strategy at Critical Mass
    • Liz Armbruester
      Liz Armbruester
      SVP of Global Compliance at Avalara
    • Liz Bacelar
      Liz Bacelar
      Executive Director, Global Tech Innovation at The Estée Lauder Companies Inc.
      • LinkedIn
    • Louisa St. Pierre
      Louisa St. Pierre
      Global Director, Art + Experiential at MA+ Group
      • LinkedIn
    • Maggie Hureau
      Maggie Hureau
    • Marco Carvalho
      Marco Carvalho
      • LinkedIn
    • Matthew Alexander
      Matthew Alexander
      Co-Founder at Neighborhood Goods
      • LinkedIn
    • Megan Higgins
      Megan Higgins
      • LinkedIn
    • Melissa Gonzalez
      Melissa Gonzalez
      CEO & Founder at Lionesque Group
      • LinkedIn
    • Mélodie Mousset
      Mélodie Mousset
      Co-Founder at Patch XR
      • LinkedIn
    • Melody Hildebrandt
      Melody Hildebrandt
      EVP, Engineering at Fox TV
      • LinkedIn
    • Michael Litman
      Michael Litman
      Senior Director, Web3 & NFT at Media.Monks
      • LinkedIn
      • twitter
    • Michael Robinson
      Michael Robinson
    • Michel Attar
      Michel Attar
      Vice President, Global Finance & Business Development at NBCUniversal
      • LinkedIn
    • Mick McConnell
      Mick McConnell
      CEO at Superunion North America
      • LinkedIn
    • Mike McCarron
      Mike McCarron
    • Miron Washington
      Miron Washington
      COO & General Manager at The Home Depot
      • LinkedIn
    • Mitch Joel
      Mitch Joel
      Founder at Six Pixels Group
      • LinkedIn
    • Nanea Reeves
      Nanea Reeves
      CEO at TRIPP
      • LinkedIn
    • Natasha Franck
      Natasha Franck
    • Natasha Jakubowski
      Natasha Jakubowski
      Chief Innovation Officer, Managing Partner at Anomaly
      • LinkedIn
    • Neha Singh
      Neha Singh
    • Neil Redding
      Neil Redding
    • Nicholas Browe
      Nicholas Browe
      Head of Product Marketing, at Fyusion, a Cox Automotive Brand
      • LinkedIn
    • Nick Amin
      Nick Amin
      co-founder and CFO at TGS Holdings
      • LinkedIn
    • Patrick Brady
      Patrick Brady
      VP, eCommerce Consulting at Night Market
    • Peter Cloutier
      Peter Cloutier
    • Peter Dering
      Peter Dering
    • Peter Stubbs
      Peter Stubbs
      Partner at Prophet
      • LinkedIn
    • Phillip Raub
      Phillip Raub
      CEO at Model No.
      • LinkedIn
    • Prexa Graves
      Prexa Graves
    • Rachel Shechtman
      Rachel Shechtman
    • Rachel Tipograph
      Rachel Tipograph
      Founder and CEO at MikMak
      • LinkedIn
    • Ram Narayan Iyer
      Ram Narayan Iyer
    • Ranjan Roy
      Ranjan Roy
      VP of Strategy at Adore Me
      • LinkedIn
    • Rick Olson
      Rick Olson
    • Roben Allong
      Roben Allong
    • Robert Tagliapietra
      Robert Tagliapietra
      Creative Director at JCRT
      • LinkedIn
    • Robyn Novak
      Robyn Novak
      Director of Strategy & Development at AGAR
      • LinkedIn
    • Russell Douglas
      Russell Douglas
      • LinkedIn
    • Ron Thurston
      Ron Thurston
      Best Selling Author at of RETAIL PRIDE
      • LinkedIn
    • Ryan McLaughlin
      Ryan McLaughlin
      CEO and founder at MCL Digital
    • Sanam Salek
      Sanam Salek
      Co-Founder at MA-MA
      • LinkedIn
    • Saoud Khoory
      Saoud Khoory
      Chief Retail Officer at Aldar Properties
      • LinkedIn
    • Sara Schiller
      Sara Schiller
      Co-Founder at Sloomoo Institute
      • LinkedIn
    • Sarah Hill
      Sarah Hill
      Lead Program Manager at Target Accelerator
    • Scott Finlow
      Scott Finlow
      Global Chief Marketing Officer at PepsiCo Foodservice
      • LinkedIn
    • Scott Kelliher
      Scott Kelliher
    • Scott Lachut
      Scott Lachut
      Partner, President Research & Strategy at PSFK
    • Scott Lawin
      Scott Lawin
      COO/CFO at Candy Digital
      • LinkedIn
    • Shannon Quinn
      Shannon Quinn
    • Sharon Gee
      Sharon Gee
    • Shian-Li Tsang
      Shian-Li Tsang
    • Stephanie Benedetto
      Stephanie Benedetto
      Founder at Queen of Raw
      • LinkedIn
    • Steve Dennis
      Steve Dennis
      President & Founder at SageBerry Consulting
      • LinkedIn
    • Tom Goodwin
      Tom Goodwin
      Co-Founder at All We Have Is Now
      • LinkedIn
    • Tom Harfleet
      Tom Harfleet
    • Tom Philipson
      Tom Philipson
    • Tracey Strober
      Tracey Strober
    • Trevor Sumner
      Trevor Sumner
      CEO at Perch
      • LinkedIn
    • Valerie Vacante
      Valerie Vacante
      Director of Strategy - Product Experience & Innovation at Merkle
      • LinkedIn
    • Webb Wright
      Webb Wright
      Web3 Reporter at The Drum
      • LinkedIn