PSFK Presents Future of Retail 2042
  • November 4, 2021
  • Start: 11:00 am | End: 1:00 pm
  • Virtual
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PSFK Presents Future of Retail 2042


The Building Blocks of the Future of Emerging

Digital-Twins, Internet-of-Me, Ownership-Chain, Bot-Assistants and other technologies and solutions are fundamental to the future of retail. Through our events, we aim to create a conversation that will inspire executives at retailers, consumer goods companies and their ecosystem partners.

Big Ideas for 2042

Metaverse Malls
By 2042 the worlds of social media and gaming have merged and reached a mainstream audience. Going online to socialize and shop comes close to replicating the feeling of meeting up with friends or walking into a store. Digital goods have real value on their own and many have twins in the physical world.

In 2042 every consumer is the CEO and creative director of their own brand. They will reach audiences through social media to market and sell – on behalf of other brands, through resale and secondhand and products of their own design. They will also tap into digital platforms to gain access to operational resources like capital, suppliers and bespoke production.

On-Demand Brands
By 2042 companies will fully integrate themselves into the lives of their customers and realize the potential of any time and anywhere availability. Real-time insight into purchasing behaviors on an individual, neighborhood and city level and access to local production facilities will ensure popular items are always in stock where they’re needed.

Join PSFK on November 4th, 2021 for:

  • An exploration of what retail will look like in 20 years time
  • A discussion about innovation today that will act as a foundation to the future vision
  • A presentation of new retailers who are pioneering change


PSFK and Retail Innovation Week will continue to deliver on their best-in-class virtual format on the Hopin platform. Guests will be treated to a rich, two hour conversation between research think tank PSFK and a curated selection of luminary business leaders.

PSFK Frames the Future
– PSFK Researchers present a vision of 2042

Engaging Business Leaders in Conversation
– Expert Panelists discuss current drivers of future change
– PSFK interviews guests in 1:1 format

Interact with On-Screen Talent in the Chat
– Event attendees are able to engage in chat with both the PSFK team and the speakers

Additional Experiences for Attendees
– Full version of Future of Retail 2042 Report
– Networking opportunities between attendees

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Latest Speaker Lineup

  • Piers Fawkes
    Piers Fawkes
    Founder and President at PSFK
    • LinkedIn

    Piers Fawkes is the founder of retail think tank PSFK. PSFK provides advisory services and syndicated research to the world’s most progressive companies and helps them identify future opportunity when it comes to retail and the customer experience journey.

  • Scott Lachut
    Scott Lachut
    Partner, President Research & Strategy at PSFK

    Scott Lachut is Partner/President of Research and Strategy at PSFK. For 10+ years, Scott has delivered insights to world-class brands. He studies emerging cultural signals to create frameworks for understanding change and its impacts, allowing him to paint a picture of the future, identify new opportunities and develop strategies for how to leverage them.

  • Lauren Lyons
    Lauren Lyons
    Strategist at PSFK

    Lauren Lyons is a Strategist at PSFK, developing content around retail innovation to support and inspire client initiatives.

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