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January 13th, 2021
1:00 pm - 2:00 pm EST

RIW21 Break Out: Community & Purpose



Create the Future sessions help business decision makers leverage the new ideas developing within the retail landscape to enhance CX, drive sales and lead the industry.

Widespread social change is being fast-tracked, expectations are shifting, and new forms of community are taking shape. Progress in all forms is top-of-mind for an increasing number of consumers, as technological advances and global expansion have provided them with new access to information and diverse perspectives. As industries, economies, and lives are all in a state of significant transformation, consumers seek ways to prioritize their own wellness, showcase their identities, and participate in meaningful change. While these considerations mean expectations for businesses and brands are higher than ever, they also create exciting opportunities for organizations to not only rethink the inclusivity of their processes, but to spearhead remedies to the issues their customers care about, and provide them with the tools they desire.

Within a multi-room, break-out format, join experts at leading solution providers and agencies to learn how established enterprises, standout startups, and individuals alike are filling crucial gaps, supporting communities, and building trust. Explore the ways in which companies are uniquely positioned to create inclusive experiences, opportunities, and communities, both within their organizations and beyond. Featured experts will highlight how intentional and proactive efforts to uplift people and promote diversity through key online offerings, information sharing, and community building exercises stand out to consumers and provide them reasons, and inspiration, to buy in.

Break Out Room line up to be confirmed.

The RIW program has been developed to provide inspiration and direction to executives working in retail, at brands and their partner companies.

The Future of Retail festival has been produced by the team at Retail Innovation Week(R), a spin-off division from research and strategy think-tank PSFK.