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July 1st, 2020
11:30 am - 12:00 pm EDT

Getting in the Game: Connecting With Consumers in the Age of Fortnite

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As COVID has driven everyone indoors, gaming has exponentially increased its dominance as a social place for fun and belonging. But increasingly, it’s emerging as unique sales channel for savvy marketers looking to engage new audiences. From fashion brands like Marc Jacobs making outfits in Animal Crossing to Fortnite’s debut as a music venue and screening room, anyone looking to reach the world of gamers has more and more options.

In this session, Jamin Warren, CEO & Founder of Twofivesix, will explore how to engage consumers by leveraging gaming as a dynamic marketing channel.


The Speakers

Jamin Warren

Jamin Warren is CEO of Twofivesix, a strategic consultancy that helps brands reach gamers as customers. He also served as an advisor for the Museum of Modern Art’s design department, acted as cluster chair for the Gaming category for the Webbys, and hosted Game/Show for PBS Digital Studios. Prior to founding Twofivesix, Jamin covered arts and entertainment for the Wall Street Journal

Twofivesix is a strategic consultancy that helps brands reach gamers as customers. We work with medium to large companies focused on computer hardware and software, entertainment, and consumer electronics such as Intel, Google, and Samsung.

Our clients struggle with reaching gamers with an authentic and natural voice that does not compromise the value of their brand. They are motivated by tapping into the gaming side of their existing audience or finding familiar customers in the world of gaming.

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