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June 30th, 2020
10:30 am - 11:00 am EDT

What It Takes to Innovate: Methodologies for Exploration, Design and Igniting the Near Future



We are living in a world as explorers; every day we experiment and uncover the unknown. As technologies, behaviors and beliefs evolve, so do the ways we live, work, move, play and interact with the world around us.

Join global innovators Fabrizio Rinaldi, Versace and Innovation Waves, and Valerie Vacante, LiveArea and Collabsco, in a discussion on what it takes to innovate; methodologies for exploration, design and igniting the near future of the shopping experience.

Hear how they explore the unknown, current trends, emerging technologies impacting connected consumers, and what the future holds for designing shopping experiences in the physical and digital world.

What viewers will walk away with:
•Perspective on current trends and challenges impacting shopping experiences in the physical and digital world.
•Insights into what it takes to innovate.
•Methodologies for igniting ideas and ongoing experimentation.
•Real-world examples of how emerging tech is enabling the future of shopping experiences.

Key reflection questions:
•Is your organization is ready to design innovation programs for growth?
•How can you create a pipeline of ideas to test and learn before investing big?
•How are emerging technologies helping to create seamless experiences?
•Why is now the time to invest in connected experiences?


The Speakers

Valerie Vacante

Valerie Vacante is the Strategy Director of global customer experience and commerce agency, LiveArea and Founder of strategy and innovation firm Collabsco. In a connected world of entertainment, play, living and learning Valerie has pioneered award winning digital products and connected experiences across IoT, AR, VR, voice, robotics and beyond.

In 2018, Valerie launched the first-ever connected play landscape; her latest iteration maps over 260 connected experiences, emerging technologies and business growth opportunities featured in VentureBeat, The Drum, VRScout and more.

Her portfolio includes Hasbro, Mattel, Disney, Bandai Namco Entertainment, AT&T, Honeywell, Sleep Number, Mercedes-Benz, MINI, Virsix Games, Rocket Impact and Pressure Games among others.

In between driving what’s next in technology, culture and design, Valerie has recently been named one of the Top 25 Women in Tech by PCR magazine, 40/Fourty and Mojo Nation 100 – Design Champion.

She serves on the SXSW Innovation Advisory Board, as a CES KAPi Awards Judge, a Global Expert to MassChallenge, an international speaker and writer.

You can find her almost anywhere creators are designing the future.

Fabrizio Rinaldi

Fabrizio Rinaldi is a well-rounded digital strategist, currently heading Digital Innovation at the iconic luxury brand Versace

Since 2018, Fabrizio has extended his scope beyond Marketing supporting both Industrial Operations and Corporate Innovation in complex digital transformation projects with a strong track record of efficient, sustainable and business value-increasing initiatives. 

His background includes over 12 years in globally-renowned integrated agencies with focus on planning, strategic execution, digital communication and consumer experience for a wide range of brands and product categories such as Ford Motor Company, Toyota, Adidas, Jaguar & Land Rover, Mattel, Sony Playstation, Vodafone, Sky, Procter & Gamble and Microsoft.

He is also the Founder of Innovation Waves, an online publication focused on innovation perspectives and people. 

The RIW program has been developed to provide inspiration and direction to executives working in retail, at brands and their partner companies.

The Future of Retail festival has been produced by the team at Retail Innovation Week(R), a spin-off division from research and strategy think-tank PSFK.