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July 1st, 2020
11:00 am - 11:30 am EDT

PSFK presents eCommerce & eSelling trends research

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As consumers went into lockdown and many stores and businesses were forced to shut or drastically alter their operations, there has been a rapid acceleration of digital-first and online-only commerce. A successful pivot to ecommerce requires far more than simply listing products on a website with checkout capabilities and waiting for sales to come. Customers bring a high-level of sophistication to their digital shopping, expecting companies to deliver seamlessness and consistency across online, mobile and social channels, offer advanced capabilities from immersive browsing to AI-enabled personalization and provide on-demand, 1:1 expertise and advice. Beyond this customer-facing experience, businesses need to have a reliable operational infrastructure in place to power inventory accuracy, one-click payments and multiple fulfillment options.

Join retail innovation thought leaders PSFK as they share key trends in digital commerce at every stage of the shopper journey and highlight best practices to bring that experience to life.

What you’ll come away with:
•A framework to benchmark digital innovation against.
•An understanding of what best-in-class digital commerce looks like.
•A landscape of the key technologies being leveraged.

Key reflection questions:
•What investments should we prioritize now and in the long-term?
•What should we build ourselves versus buy?
•What are the preferred channels that our customers use?


The Speakers

Scott Lachut

Scott Lachut is Partner/President of Research and Strategy at PSFK. For 10+ years, Scott has delivered insights to world-class brands. He studies emerging cultural signals to create frameworks for understanding change and its impacts, allowing him to paint a picture of the future, identify new opportunities and develop strategies for how to leverage them.

Lauren Lyons

Lauren Lyons is a Strategist at PSFK, developing content around retail innovation to support and inspire client initiatives.

The RIW program has been developed to provide inspiration and direction to executives working in retail, at brands and their partner companies.

The Future of Retail festival has been produced by the team at Retail Innovation Week(R), a spin-off division from research and strategy think-tank PSFK.