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July 2nd, 2020
11:00 am - 11:30 am EDT

PSFK presents the DTC Playbook for Brands

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While it’s always been important for businesses to maintain close ties with their customers, the current crisis has further demonstrated just how critical building 1:1 relationships and communities are to ensuring lasting success. In the midst of the lockdown, consumers are feeling stressed, alone and uncertain and are increasingly looking to brands to take a leadership role through their messages and actions. The notion of owning the end-to-end relationship with consumers and shoppers must evolve beyond sales and experience, leaning into very human characteristics like trust and compassion. The companies that are resonating have been actively listening to their customers and employees and responding with fresh business models, connection and support and flexible policies that reflect the realities of right now.

Join PSFK as we look at the DTC landscape, showcasing the key trends and innovations that define next-gen marketing, retail and more.

What you’ll come away with:
•An understanding of the evolution happening within DTC business.
•A snapshot of best-in-class responses to the current crisis.
•Insight into the current expectations of consumers.

Key reflection questions:
•How is our business engaging with our customers and employees?
•How do we use now as a way to grow and enhance our business?
•How do we build an ecosystem around our core offering?


The Speakers

Scott Lachut

Scott Lachut is Partner/President of Research and Strategy at PSFK. For 10+ years, Scott has delivered insights to world-class brands. He studies emerging cultural signals to create frameworks for understanding change and its impacts, allowing him to paint a picture of the future, identify new opportunities and develop strategies for how to leverage them.

The RIW program has been developed to provide inspiration and direction to executives working in retail, at brands and their partner companies.

The Future of Retail festival has been produced by the team at Retail Innovation Week(R), a spin-off division from research and strategy think-tank PSFK.