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July 2nd, 2020
10:00 am - 10:30 am EDT

Create the Future

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The future is always unknown: But in 2020, many would say it has never been as uncertain as it is right now.

Here’s what IS more certain:
•Those who CREATE the future are those who will OWN IT.
•The counter is also true. Those who fail to innovate risk fading and falling — faster than ever.

In this talk, entrepreneur and brand-builder Scott Roslyn (We Are Bill) shares his perspective on what’s ahead in this Next Normal. He will discuss future-forward insights on transformations in 3 key areas: human behavior, customer experience, and the future of retail.

Ultimately, how do we all adapt to this new norm and create the future we seek to live and thrive in?

What viewers will come away with:
•How to move from defense to offense in a time of crisis
•How consumer expectations and experiences are changing today
•A framework for creation and reinvention in a moment of disruption

Key reflection questions:
•How are you creating new value and connectivity with your audience?
•How are you moving from selling to helping? e.g. Are you shipping goods or solving problems?
•What are you creating in this crisis to make your business stronger and more resilient years from now?

The Speakers

Scott Roslyn

Scott is the Co-Founder & CEO of We Are Bill, a strategy & design firm based in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. They create new brands and reinvent and reposition existing ones. Prior to founding We Are Bill, Scott worked for award-winning global innovation firm Redscout; as VP of brand, retail, and eCommerce for sustainable apparel company Alternative Apparel; and as Head of Brand Experience & Retail for Internet of Things (IoT) company littleBits Electronics. Over the years, Scott has worked with clients AB InBev, Panasonic, American Express, Asics, Pepsi, Gatorade, Quiksilver, Dick’s Sporting Goods, New Era, Polaris, Premier Lacrosse League, Husqvarna, OWYN, Rhone, Vault Health, Hella Cocktail Co and more.

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The Future of Retail festival has been produced by the team at Retail Innovation Week(R), a spin-off division from research and strategy think-tank PSFK.