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July 2nd, 2020
1:00 pm - 1:30 pm EDT

Celebrities & DTC



In the next year, you are going to hear a lot of people talk about a ‘Great’ or ‘Big’ Reset. So much so, that it is the subject of Davos this year. Most of these theories will somehow engage in the misleading mythology that the world is moving too quickly and you, your company and your leadership need to play catchup.

COVID will be used as exemplary fuel for this argument. You will be told that COVID is unique, unprecedented and the world will never be the same again.

This, for the most part, is incorrect. What we are experiencing now is a very predictable and repeatable pattern that our world has been engaged in for close to the last 3 centuries.

Prior to 1749, the world pretty much looked the same. However, after Industrialization, we began a process that sees us resetting the operating system of our planet on a very regular basis. COVID is merely an example of one such reset. And, while it has many elements that are unique, in fact, the pattern is likely very predictable.

Leonard Brody is one of the worlds leading experts on these historical resets and has been researching this topic for almost a decade. This work is culminating in a book coming out on the topic, entitled The Great Rewrite, in partnership with Forbes.

So, what does this have to do with DTC? The current reset cycle has become jet fuel for DTC companies, but it has matured a customer set along with it. Creative Labs works with CAA to build new consumer facing businesses for their celebrity clients, including their recent launch of Carrie Underwood’s Fit52.

Leonard will walk us through this cycle and demonstrate how this will affect product demand cycles, influence all the way to customer service and exit. Spoiler alert: It all works out in the end.


The Speakers

Leonard Brody

Leonard is the Co-Founder and Executive Chairman of Creative Labs, a joint venture with CAA (Creative Artists Agency in LA), the largest sports and entertainment agency in the world, often called “Hollywood’s Secret Society.” Leonard oversees the building of new ventures for some of the most well known celebrities and political leaders in the world.

After selling his company in 2009, Leonard became the President of the Innovation and Digital Group for the Anschutz Company, one of the largest live sport and entertainment businesses in the world. The company owns assets such as the O2 Arena in London and Staples Center in LA; sports teams like the Los Angeles Lakers, Los Angeles Galaxy and the Los Angeles Kings, and today, is one of the premiere concert promotion businesses in the world seating hundreds of millions of people a year.

Leonard has recently been named one of top 30 management thinkers in the world. He has also been called, “a leader of the new world order.” He is an award winning entrepreneur, venture capitalist, best-selling author and a 2 time Emmy nominated media visionary. Leonard has helped in raising hundreds of millions in capital for startup companies, been through taking a company to a 6 Billion market cap IPO and has been involved in the founding and successful exit of numerous companies to date.

He is also one of the proud owners of the professional soccer team Coventry City in England. Currently, Leonard is authoring a new book in partnership with Forbes Magazine, entitled, “The Great Re:Write” based on the successful documentary series Leonard and Forbes produced which has already garnered an audience of over 6 million in the last.

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