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June 30th, 2020
4:10 pm - 4:30 pm EDT

How The AI-XR Experience Excites Customers & Enhances Lifetime Value

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This session with Memomi founder Salvador Nissi Vilcovsky will present a wide perspective of how AI and XR impacts the way consumers shop. Memomi’s research in AI/AR has proven its value to enhance productivity and efficiency in a retail setting. Customers virtually try-on glasses, makeup, jewelry, clothing, and shoes by simply walking up to a mirror, using an iPad, pulling out their phone, or opening a targeted email. This AI/XR experience excites customers, drives traffic on social channels, increases shopping conversions, and enhances customer lifetime value.

The talk will follow with a discussion of the speaker’s newest work, which examines the latest technologies in tracking and measuring capabilities of the software in a variety of verticals.

About Memomi:
Memomi is the home of the Memory Mirror®, an award-winning Digital Mirror platform that is revolutionizing the way people shop today on the Web, in store or on any device and operating system. Through artificial intelligence, deep learning and augmented reality customers can virtually “try on” products such as clothing, eye-wear, makeup, hair color, footwear and accessories in real time without any of the inconveniences of the actual try-on experience. Moreover, there is an added benefit of capturing try-on sessions that can be reviewed and shared later on. Among Memomi’s clients are world renowned companies, such as LVMH Group, Shiseido, L’Oreal Group, Estee Lauder Group, Chanel, Neiman Marcus, Luxottica, and many more.

The Speakers

Salvador Nissi Vilcovsky

Salvador is the Founder and CEO of Memomi, the creator and patent holder of the Memory Mirror®, an award-winning Digital Mirror platform that is revolutionizing the way people shop today. Salvador is an inventor holding 74 patents and can always be found at the crossroads of innovation, interactive design and technology. He completed the ACSE Program at MIT Sloan School of Management, a Master in Design from Domus Academy Milan, and a BA in Business from the University of Manchester.

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